2018 Cycle 1 Box

It's hard to believe we have begun yet another yet

Here at the Blaquebox, we have named 2018 the year of the REPLACEMENT PLAN.

In our individual journeys to Buy Black, it is imperative that we are INTENTIONAL.

We must pick an item in our homes, and decide it's getting REPLACED.  

That doesn't mean that the first try will be our new found product, it simply means that we are committing to searching until we find.  And then when you find that thing, that one product that is perfect for YOU...you move on to the next thing, and replace it.  

It's a process, and this is the LONG GAME!


In this month's box you will find tea from Just Add Honey  Just Add Honey was in our inaugural box, and we thought it was only right to bring them back again to kick off the new year (different blends, all hand blended) 

Then there are some things that we call BASICS.  We have Coral Oral toothbrushes, and Exact Razors disposable razors.  We felt it was important that we include these items because these are items that no matter who you are, they are likely a part of your day to day life.  And they can be replaced by items from Black Owned Businesses.

We have also selected a winter scent from Posh Candle Co.  Posh has an amazing line of candles with a unique flavor that speaks to the culture.

Lasting, in this box is our signature "All Blaque Everything" Blaquebox mug.

We are excited to dedicating yet another year to Community, Convenience and Culture!