Hurricane Harvey

If you haven’t heard about Hurricane Harvey at this point, you have to be living under a rock.

The effects of this hurricane are truly devastating, and have taken a great toll on our communities.

Though, this is a tragic and trying time; it is also amazing to watch how our community comes together.  The IMMEDIATE outpour of love and support of from Black Owned Businesses (and the Black Community as a Whole) is reaffirming.

We want to encourage folks to give however they can.  $10, goes a long way when coupled with a bunch of others ppls TENS.  THIS is what collective impact is all about.  There are approximately 42million black people in this country.  If TEN PERCENT (10%) of us, give $10 each, we’re at $42million.

We don’t have to WAIT for others to take care of us.

If you don’t have $10 (and even if you do and give it)....share resources on your social media.  Let people know where drop offs are.  Let people know who they can give to that's TRUSTED (I hope you caught that), let people know that this isn’t a ONE WEEK THING.

Continue to be encouraged!