Wakanda Forever

It's Less that a Week Away...

We're all ready for ready for it.

We've purchased our Tickets, have started streaming the Soundtrack, and our Complete Outfits are laid out and waiting.

Black Panther has Arrived!!!

Words like EXCELLENCE, ROYALTY, and LEGACY have been floating around these internet streets like Beads being thrown at Mardi Gras.

The level of Excitement that this film has created alone is POWERFUL.

Being someone who DOESN'T do comics and now is eagerly waiting to see one, who is looking up T'Challa lineage and making sure that I have a better understanding of the Nation (still not sure that's how it's categorized) of Wakanada....a place where they convinced the world that they were a lowly 3rd world country but actually had surpassed all others nations with Technology and Advancements and had amazing natural resources....yea, I kinda wanna live there.  I don't need a lot - I'd be good with a nice little 2bd 2 bath....I digress 

But despite all of this positive, I almost said buzz - but what we are experiencing is far greater than buzz....despite all of this positive energy, this amazing vibe...

There are still some (of us, in our community) who take issue with the film.  The "Disney/White folks are the ones making all the money from this..." crowd.

And let me say, "I get it"  I totally understand where they are coming from and at the core of my being I even believe that it is necessary to have THAT voice at the table - cause we need to be reminded, and challenged.

However, I believe that the greater good of this film is where our focus should be.  All the little children (and grown tail adults) that now a new "I can" statement running through their veins.  The actors/actresses, producers, directors, so on and so forth - who can now command different pay, terms, ownership, ect....that will now have more resources freedom and range to go do projects on their own.  All of the T-Shirt makers, Pin makers, and Scholarship funds that have dollars circulating through them in conjunction with this film.

So, I see this as a time of Jubilee....Pride....Revelation